Battle Contest - Qualifyings

The evaluation round is complete. Some of the missing duels were decided by autocombat.

Results: here and here

The five most successful designs of the evaluation rounds are:

Dottore2 (assault shuttles)
ALEXD2 (gyro stab titans)
Brutalisk2 (EMG)
Feuerzahn1 (Gauss Shield5)
Cabman1 (EMG)
Here are some screenshots of the ships:

Dottore2 (click it to enlarge):

ALEXD2 (click it to enlarge):

Brutalisk2 (click it to enlarge):

Feuerzahn1 (click it to enlarge):

Cabman1 (click it to enlarge):

The Qualifyings will start at the 1st October.

There will be 3 groups of 6-8 designs. 24 participants will be the maximum. The drawing of these groups is based on the results of the evaluation rounds and the order of submissions. The 12 most successful designs (i.e. 2 won duels in the evaluation round) are directly qualified for these groups. Further participants are:

a) Designs which were submitted after the start of the evaluation rounds.
b) Updated designs of the evaluation rounds (this includes all 48 designs). It is still allowed to update your design. But no relocation of your invested RPs.
c) Also new designs can be submitted. Copies of the most successful designs will be rejected. Counter designs are ok.

There are still a few slots until the maximum of 24 designs is reached. First come, first served. Conact: moo2niac at googlemail dot com

The first 2 of each group and the 2 best 3rds will advance to the finals.
Further details can be found in the updated FAQ.


Anonymous said...

I am a little confused about the qualifying round. How can I know if one/both of my entries made it into the round starting October 1? Do I need to re-submit my designs to get in?

I also noted that I suffered two losses that I was never even aware I was supposed to participate in (I received an email that detailed two opponents, yet I also have losses listed against two opponents I was never notified I was supposed to fight).


siron said...

The 6 saves were a small knock out warm up. When a design is among the top 12 then it is mentioned here at the bottom:


Yes Gusset, de facto I just want feedback that you are still interested to play next month.
Since the editors can cause bugs it is a bit tedious to build the saves. And I think I can build 3 saves next weekend, and I don?t expect more than 24 designs anyway.

Just write a short e-mail (and optionally redesign).

BTW I didn?t mail the players about the 2nd and 3rd round during evaluation but the matches were posted in the above-mentioned link for a long time. Since the results don?t exclude any interested player I tried to finish the evaluation and your ships met some counterdesigns in the 2nd round (don?t wanna disclose the designs here now but you can see them in the save5 that you should have, I can mail it again if you have lost it, and you can mail me when you disagree with the outcome.) But evaluation round was not intended to be important for tourney outcome...just a warm up.