New MoO2 IRC channel!

Since some days there is an IRC channel to meet MoO2 players. (watch the topic in the forum)

All you need is an IRC client (watch the list of IRC clients at wikipedia). First you have to connect to irc.quakenet.org or another Quakenet Server with your client. Then join the channel #moo2 in general with the command: /join #moo2 .

Compared with Kali there are some advantages. You don't need to register an account, because it's really free and you can use a client of your choice, which best fits your needs. Personal information like an email is not needed to join IRC, thus the barrier to join for new players declines. And IRC is more common than Kali, so it is easier for new players to find the way to MoO2.

Hope i see you soon there.


Save archive

I think it useful to analyze the process of duels. There is simply no better way for new players to learn the timing of our online games. I start with PKs saves of (unmodded) ladders - see also the ladder game report for details. Each file contains the "turn0"-save. This means you can even completely replay the duels and you are able to compare your performance. (Load network game and start with 1 player or play them in hotseat mode.) I will add more saves later on.

2005-06-23T19:04:28 - Dmitry defeats PK Saves
2005-06-22T19:24:50 - PK defeats seppel Saves
2005-06-01T18:43:00 - PK defeats seb79 Saves
2005-05-14T22:14:30 - PK defeats seppel Saves
2005-02-27T18:36:09 - PK defeats BaLaur Saves
2005-02-23T07:38:57 - PK defeats Cabman Saves
2005-02-22T06:32:25 - PK defeats Cabman Saves
2005-02-13T18:53:27 - alex_d defeats PK Saves