The Galactic Council

Blackscorn is a fresh member of our evergreen MOO2 online community (he joined this weekend). He made an interesting discovery on ebay last year and picked up this picture of the council room (click it to enlarge):

Blackscorn told me that some mom was selling it for her son who said he won it in 1996 as a prize at a game convention. It is signed by the creators/devs of MOO2 and dates back to 1996 (but it is still in a mint condition):

For now I can decipher the signatures of Jim Cowlishaw, Steve Barcia, Ronnie Gauny, Jim McIntyre, Kenneth Burd, Pat Owens, Kevin Albers, Shelly Hollen, Rob Corell and Russ Williams. I need a closer look for the other signatures. Is there anyone else out there with the same picture?


DOSBox 0.70

A new release of DOSBox was published a few weeks ago. Apparently, the new default settings of the dosbox.conf work quite nicely on new computers now. Lord Brazen proposes in this post the following fine tuning:

a) Change output from surface to overlay.
b) Change gus from true to false.
c) Change joysticktype from auto to none.
d) Change ipx from false to true. (for multiplayer games)

The other highlighted items were already my default settings. I don't have sufficient feedback yet, but I assume that you should adjust frameskip to 1 or 2 for old computers. Additionally, I am not sure how the auto core feature works for old computers. Feedback is appreciated.

I will update the DOSBox guide with the new dosbox.conf files in the next days.