Everyone working on the project is a fan of the original


"The decision to lessen the amount of technology one can research was because the original was perhaps a bit too complex, over-reaching and just overwhelming. There’s still a wide swathe of different technologies to enjoy regardless, and it should still prove pleasing to veterans of Masters of Orion. That, and it should be far more accessible overall. There are even some back-end changes that help you to choose a path you want to take. You can, of course, search through the entire catalogue and then choose a technology you wish to have in the future, and the system will highlight everything needed to achieve that end goal for you."
"Kislyi, who used Civilization as his MBA, fully believes that a good 4x strategy game can be educational. "I want my kids to play Master of Orion to make them smarter. Learning economy and how to manage a civilization will do that for you." No release date has been set for the game, mainly because the game is not one of Wargaming's tentpole franchises that needs to have a deadline. "We can afford to make this perfect," Kislyi said. "Everyone working on the project is a fan of the original, and we aren't going to live or die with this project. It needs to be polished and fantastic.""


MOO4 - Let us hope for Tactical Combat

Once you start colonizing planets, the way that you choose to grow and expand your race is up to you. If you get embroiled in war with another culture at some point, which you will, then there is an option of either simulated combat – which still lets you make attack decisions if needed – or tactical combat, which is much more hands-on. The tactical mode wasn’t shown in my demonstration, but it was clearly on option on the screen that they weren’t ready to talk about yet.


SimTex team involved!

[We went] back and contacted the original [SimTex] team. We brought in several of them as consultants. Their job is to make sure that we stay on point. We got the original producer, original art director, the original composer is doing the music for the new game, a couple of designers as well. So yeah, we've got people onboard that are very relevant to the process." Many of the old SimTex developers were stunned when Keeling tracked them down with consultancy offers for a new Master of Orion game. Some of them took him on a field trip to the old SimTex offices, which are on the same street as Wargaming's Austin location. The cradle of Master of Orion, it turns out, is now a mall restaurant.

Master of Orion Announcement Trailer