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I am proud to announce a new tool for Master Of Orion 2!

This tool is intended to balance the starting conditions of players.
It can replace toxic, ultrapoor, low gravity, heavy gravity, tiny and small planets with a better ones.
You can decide what to replace by yourself.
To do that, hosting player have to start new game as always and right after the game begun, he have to quit the game and run mapgen.exe with desired switches, and after that host the game again.
This is my example dosbox.conf:

cd c:\imoo2\
ipxnet startserver 6666
VDCGM2.exe /hugestart /planets=5 /noorion /nowh /nobh /nosplint /noreport /nonebula
mapgen.exe -ttoxic -tupoor -ttiny -tflathw
VDCGM2.exe /hugestart /planets=5 /noorion /nowh /nobh /nosplint /noreport /nonebula

So, after I started game, chosen race and got on the game screen, I presed "Quit game", mapgen.exe started automaticaly, replaced toxic planets with radiated, tiny with small and ultrapoor with poor. And made homeworlds almost equal.

After that, VDCGM2.EXE started again and I had to load game and wait for second player.

Here is the help about usage, that you can get by running mapgen -h:
Usage: ./mapgen [-h] [-t terraformation] [-s special] [-m change] [-b type] [-v] [-V] [-f file]

Example: ./mapgen -t toxic -t upoor -t lowg -t heavyg -t tiny -t small -f SAVE10.GAM

-h [-H] This help.

-t Terraform
toxic - Toxic planets become radiated
upoor - Ultra Poor planets become poor
lowg - Low Gravity planets become Normal Gravity
heavyg - Heavy Gravity planets become Normal Gravity
tiny - Tiny planets become small
small - Small planets become medium
flathw - Flattens unoccupied planets in HomeWorlds:
They become Abundant, Toxics and Rads become Barren,
gravity become Normal except for one planet,
it become the same gravity as occupied planet, size is set in order
Large, Large again, Medium, Small untill
there are no more planets to modify. Gaias become Terrain.
fixedhw - Implies `flathw`. Planets become:
Large Swamp, Large Tundra, Medium Arid, Small Gaia. All abundant.

-s Specials Change
splint - Splinter replaced by gem deposits.
arti - Arti planets still exist, but don't give techs anymore.

-m Monsters Change
grav - Guarded planets become normal gravity if they are not ultrarich.
terraform - Guarded rich & urich planets are terraformed.
Toxics, Rads, Barrens, Deserts become Tundra.
monst - Does the same thing as -mgrav and -mterraform.

-v Verbose debugging output(CHEAT!)

-V Print Version and exit

-f file Edit 'file' instead of SAVE10.GAM

You can download This tool from here http://moomapgen.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/mapgen.exe

Feel free to send your suggestions and bug reports to tf8@list.ru.

WARNING! This tool works only on first turn, if you will use it on any other turn it would mess up everything!

WARNING! People report, that when you use mapgen.exe, sometimes planets get extreme gravity bonus. It could be indicated by orphan coma after planet mineral status on star system screen, like "Abundant,". So please, if you use mapgen.exe, store your SAVE10.GAM file before running mapgen.exe and after and keep it untouched somewhere, and if you hit that bug, please report it to me, attaching that original save, so i could solve the problem.

UPDATE! Version 0.23
Bugfix -ssplint now works.

-tfixedhw now works slightly different. The fifth planet was Desert, but it's Gaia now - that would be more fair for non-aquatic races. But you can still play with /PLANETS=4 to avoid this behaviour.

-mterraform now works slightly different. Monster guarded rich&urich planets are terraformed from Toxics, Rads, Barrens and Deserts to Tundra. Previous behaviour was: Toxic&Rad -> Barren, Desert -> Tundra.

UPDATE! Version 0.22
Bugfix -tmonst didn't work, now it works and known as -mmonst.

UPDATE! Version 0.21
Added -tmonst, -mgrav, -mterraform, -ssplinter and -sarti flags.

UPDATE! Version 0.11
Fixed bug! Although Gaia's became Terrain when using flathw, they still produced the same ammount of food as Gaia's. Also when using fixedhw, modified planets kept the same ammount of food production as they had before using "mapgen.exe" too. Now both of the problems fixed.

UPDATE! Version 0.1
New switch!
-fixedhw - It makes homeworlds look like Large Swamp, Large Tundra, Medium Arid, Small Desert.

Additionaly -flathw now makes Gaia's at home to be Terrain.


TRON said...

Great !!! I'll test it !
I haven't played MOO2 for a year !

Zoltán said...

Very nice, thank you! Is it possible to make a new switch which would "flatten" the homeworld even more?: all planets become barren for example

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