Master of Orion 2 Replays

Hello, Masters of Orion!

I wrote this post recently and tried to get some videos of professional players game, but they are too lazy to record video:)
So I decided to do it by myself. I am a newbie really, I played just about 10 multiplayer games.
I will regularly add interesting video to this post. So, here we go.

You need to read this post and install appropriate ZMBV codec to view this videos, or install Mplayer.
on_FiRe reported that Media Player Classic can play this videos without installing codec.
Displacer reported that SMPlayer can do this too.

This four replays are our game with Cybersaber. I lost this game because I expected him to be Creative again and were not ready for early attack.

tf8_cyber_hotseat.avi - this is hotseat game review after I surrendered.

Cabman shows us masterclass in housing :) 80 pop buy t 65 AWESOME!
(even more, than 80 - remaining pop are in freighters )

Another awesome Cabman video. This time VeryDifficultChoice Mod.
VDCGM2.exe /skipintro /nowh /nobh /nosplint /minstart /planets=4 /noorion /noreport /nonebula /monsters=0
Dictatatorship Subterranean Lithovore Population Growth +100.
150 pop by T100.


VDCGM2.exe /skipintro /nowh /nobh /nosplint /minstart /planets=4 /noorion /noreport /nonebula /monsters=0
Dictatatorship Dictatorship Tolerant Cybernetic.


VDCGM2.exe /skipintro /nowh /nobh /nosplint /minstart /planets=4 /noorion /noreport /nonebula /monsters=0
Democracy Subterranean Lithovore.

Game settings: goodmap3 /skipintro /minstart /planets=4 /nosplint /nowh /nobh /noorion /noreport /nonebula
Map settings: size: Large, age: Organic Rich, tech level: Average.
This is 3way newbies game. This video will be interesting for newbies to see, how does it possible to get about 150 pop on 100 turn.
Video stops at turn 107, because it isn't interesting after that, I met my opponents and saw that I have at least twice more population and outtech them much.
When I revised this video, I have found those mistakes:
First of all, i should build outpost ships and explore more to find better planets and meet my opponents earlier to see their racepics and to choose better strategies.
Also I shouldn't research tritanium armor, deuterium fuel cells would be more helpful. I should get Zortium instead of tritanium. And I should build my first bb earlier, because it is dangerous to stay without defence.
Cabman (absolute record of 252 pop at 100 turn holder) says, that I should have been housing till 3-4 pop on first settled system, and only after that send pop from hw there. I should have refit my scouts and remove beams to make it more fast, so that it have chance to retreat from monster. I should have rebuild my scout, if it got killed. And at last, I should have sent cship AFTER scouting all systems around.

I would be glad, if professional players view this video and point on other mistakes ( Including English Grammar:) ).


Flo_the_G said...

Anyone else having problems with that video? I can't get it to play (tried both MPC and VLC, and I'm quite certain that I have all commonly used codecs installed).

tf8 said...

flo_the_g, check this post

Anonymous said...

Hey ...

nice movie, good job ;).
I watched the "movie" some minutes.


Flo_the_G said...

Thanks, works now.
And here I was, thinking I had every codec installed I'd ever need... ;)

siron said...

Hi flo,
any news regarding crazy board? Seems again down...

...and hi to ALEX|D..nice summer? ;) Already vacation?

Flo_the_G said...

It's been down again for a while now, I suppose there'll be a mail if it goes back online.

Was there any reason why you bought those freighters right at the beginning? I mean they were going to be finished the following round anyway... did I miss something there?

tf8 said...

flo_the_g, i bought freiters, even because there left 1 turn, because when you buy anythig, production of this turn moves to next turn, and it's better to buy anithing if more than half of production already produced.
I will add Cabman video soon, I have it already just need to convert and upload.

Flo_the_G said...

Didn't know that, I always thought buying with one round left was wasted money... never too old to learn. ;)

Anonymous said...

nice one!

What race pics did you have?


Flo_the_G said...

Does anyone know if there is a quick and easy way to remove a few techs from the techtree? I'd really like to play a game or two with deuterium as the best fuel cells...

siron said...

Nimm die OCL Tools die bei Brazen auffem Blog findest.

Flo_the_G said...

Hab ich schon probiert. Hab alles genau nach Anleitung gemacht, neues Spiel gestartet, am Techtree hatte sich nichts geƤndert. Aber ich werds nochmal probieren, am Ende wars nur irgendein doofer Fehler...

Flo_the_G said...

Jetzt scheints zu klappen, keine Ahnung was ich vorher immer falsch gemacht hab... ich bin denn mal editieren. :D

Andrew said...

Any chance the urls to these videos could be updated to work? All of them seem to 404. Which isn't totally surprising given how long ago they were posted.