Everyone working on the project is a fan of the original


"The decision to lessen the amount of technology one can research was because the original was perhaps a bit too complex, over-reaching and just overwhelming. There’s still a wide swathe of different technologies to enjoy regardless, and it should still prove pleasing to veterans of Masters of Orion. That, and it should be far more accessible overall. There are even some back-end changes that help you to choose a path you want to take. You can, of course, search through the entire catalogue and then choose a technology you wish to have in the future, and the system will highlight everything needed to achieve that end goal for you."
"Kislyi, who used Civilization as his MBA, fully believes that a good 4x strategy game can be educational. "I want my kids to play Master of Orion to make them smarter. Learning economy and how to manage a civilization will do that for you." No release date has been set for the game, mainly because the game is not one of Wargaming's tentpole franchises that needs to have a deadline. "We can afford to make this perfect," Kislyi said. "Everyone working on the project is a fan of the original, and we aren't going to live or die with this project. It needs to be polished and fantastic.""


Anonymous said...

Something you might want to check out is the Kickstarter for Lord of Rigel. Their tactical combat demo plays a lot like MOO2!



StepNRazor said...

I bought this on steam recently, beta about half done I guess.
I have been looking for multiplayer.
I tried to get on QuakeNet but I think it is not up anymore.
So I thought I would post here and see if anyone else has this and would like to coordinate multiplayer. Not even sure that even works yet though.

So far the game only 6 races Mrshan, Alkari, Bulrathi, Human, Psilon, Human.
No custom races Darlock, Klackon, Meklar, Silicoid are greyed out. Hoping they will add Elarian, Gnolam, and Trileran. No custom race yet either.
Tacticle combat is bad.
But there is still a good game feel and some fun but in a different way than moo2.
Food and civilian transport are the new way to get pop, colony ships and civilian transports cost 1 pop from host planet.
This seems a lot better than the hack way moo2 pop would increase seems logical food or colonist increase population, and likewise decrease population.
no colony bases you build a colony ship for each planet, it does have a nice +1sci and +1 food bonus when you land.

StepNRazor said...

New Moo4 patch came out yesterday (March 25 2016)
Custom races, Klacon, Melkar, Terran(human rebels I guess) added =).
Been having fun with custom and new races.
Not sure but don't think multiplayer is working, or if there is so few playing that it is hard to find game.
They are still working on tactical combat.

StepNRazor said...

Last patch a DLC, downloadable content was added.
Elerian Gnolam Trilarian for $10.00.

Rocco said...

Hello. I'd like to become a contributor to this blog.