Woot! Master of Orion IPs sold off at Atari auction

"Interesting to see Planetary Annihilation makers Uber go for Total Annihilation, and that Stardock bid on Master of Orion. Both are definitely in their respective areas of interest, but you’re in for a hard time if you’re bidding against Wargaming right now. Stardock didn’t go away empty handed, though – having taken hold of Star Control."


...and the winner is:
Master of Orion Franchise
Successful Bidder: Wargaming World Limited

Back-Up Bidder: Stardock Systems, Inc (hehe, they did hate tactical combat...so this seems good news for MOO2 fans...)


Anonymous said...

Well, MOO2 and SC2 are the two games you cannot beat.
Unlike MOO3 SC3 was playable.

--- said...

Color me mildly optimistic, but I won't get my hopes up too high yet. I'd love to see a true revival of the MoO series; no matter what "spiritual successors" they make, it's just not the same without the old standby races and such. I also hope they don't go and pull the series from GOG.

I guess there's no word yet on what's to become of Master of Magic? Haven't heard any news on that front.