IE PC game designer Interview: Steve Barcia (Simtex, Circa 1994)

The youtube video description states:

Freshly after releasing Master of Magic, the now Defunct Interactive Entertainment CD Mag (magazine entirely on a CD) obtained an exclusive interview with the now legendary game designer and SimTex founder, Steve Barcia. They talk about what inspired him, how he works and a few questions specifically about SimTex and Master of Orion. Overall, a good interview process. Steve has since moved on to Retro Studios, heading Metroid Prime... then on to Electronic Arts. His profile picture on IGN shows that it looks like he's lost weight since 1994. [...]

He probably refers to this profile: http://games.ign.com/top-100-game-creators/88.html


Eric Laufer said...

Is there still some kind of community for moo2 (like on kali...)? Or is it really dead

Christian Kaw said...

just picked up Moo2, got hooked AGAIN damnit

Dan Rothman said...

Love the game! Harder to get it working each new version of windows... :(

Rocco said...
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Rocco said...

The video can be found on my YouTube channel:
Steve Barcia Interview.