Master of Orion II Digital Download on Atari.com

Finally, Atari announces the Digital Download version of Master of Orion II. And I have to remove my earlier rant about their price. They had a technical problem this morning - the price of the download version of MOO3 was displayed.

Atari offers MOO2 for very fair $9.95.


Anonymous said...

Been trying to get this game for some time now , since my partner sold it in error, Atari site says its not available for download to my country ?? (United Kingdom) - I've got the Softwrap version but that's a time limited demo. Anybody point me in the right direction besides buying the code from Softwrap? Thanks.Max

siron said...

Atari is only allowed to sell in North America at moment. Softwrap does also sell a full version AFAIK. The other both common options are amazon(UK) and ebay.

Anonymous said...

If you're like me and have lost the various boxes and cd's over the years*, you can install the demo then install the patch over it :P

*yes i've bought multiple copies of this game... so very good