Soren Johnsen joins EA Maxis to work on Spore

...Electronic Arts has confirmed the former lead designer of Civilization IV has quit his gig at Firaxis. Johnson has now returned to his old digs at Electronic Arts' Maxis studio and is working on the much-anticipated evolution-to-civilization sim Spore.

Spore's Civilization Phase is therefore directly tuned up by the lead dev of Civ4. Could they now hire Steve Barcia or Ken Burd for the Space Phase? Pleeeeeaaaase!

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The Last Orion said...

Soren is good game designer. I liked Civilization IV.

It looks like Spore's space phase will be a lot different from MOO2. The game will be ground breaking but most of the demo presentations fast-forward a lot. If you are forced to evolve at a much slower pace, it could get repetitive after a while.