Russian MOO2

Impressive! Grig de Griz found a way to implement cyrillic letters inside MOO2. He completed his russian translation of MOO2 (based on 1.31) a few weeks ago. Take a look:

For example, the Racestuf screen...

...and even the system names were translated!

Currently, the localization is still based on 1.31 but LordBrazen has already provided a modified 1.4patcher for the Russian 1.31. Probably, there might be a Russian 1.4 version pretty soon!

The current version can be downloaded here: http://www.mo3.fatal.ru/moo2tfiles.htm

There is also a MOO2 discussion forum on his site to discuss his mod and (forthcoming) MOO2 tools: http://www.mo3.fatal.ru/forum/forums.php?forum=19
(I have also added it to the sidebar.)

You should have no worries to install the files, they can coexist with the English 1.31/1.40 versions.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing... Quality of the translation is perfect. My congratulations and respect to de Griz.
Before, my friends couldn't play MOO2 cos of their english, but they saw the game was fun while i played it. It's a pity that such good thing comes out this late, when few people will play good old game..