Master of Orion II Poll

By using blogsearch I found this Master of Orion II poll here. It was started by green_meklar who has also written this uncyclopedia entry (some wikipedia parody). OK. I think my votes are clear:

Silicoids, Green, Gaia, Capitol (Unification sucks!), Mass drivers, Heavy armor, green DD, 10 and several "yes"-votes (except the last one).


ALEX|D said...

hehe funny stuff

green_meklar said...

Hi, this is the green_meklar who wrote both the poll and the Uncyclopedia article. siron told me he'd posted it through the shoutbox on my website, and it didn't take me too long to find the location. Thank you, siron! :)

However, I have a couple things I should point out:

First, yes, Uncyclopedia is just a humorous parody of Wikipedia; you can learn all about it just by reading it. They have tons of funny stuff in there, I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor and a decent resistance to slightly lewd content.

Second, my screenname is just how I put it: 'green_meklar'. No capitals, and an underscore instead of my space (if I spell it any different way it's usually because some website wouldn't accept the standard spelling). You can call me 'Meklar' or 'GM' if you're addressing me directly, but when posting something formal and public like that I would really prefer you use the proper spelling. And please don't call me 'Green' anywhere; adjectives don't make good screennames. So if you can edit my name, I'd be grateful.

Also, if anyone wants something added to the poll, just post on the poll itself. I suggest using the 'Missing tech' thread already in place.

siron said...


I have actually linked my blog in your shoutbox. (Just click my name, but blog address isnt displayed there.)

Ah, didn't know you can add further options in your poll. Have to read it again...