The first duels

UPDATE: I have received 50 designs yet and the first 48 designs participate in the evaluation round. The first duel is already finished BUT YOU CAN STILL SUBMIT FURTHER DESIGNS. When I have 56 designs I will build the next 8 player save and so on. Be aware that this is just a first round to gain some experience about the pool of designs.

It is a so called knock-out but nothing serious happens this round. Even when you lose the first round your design will participate in the qualifyings next month. The results of this evaluation are just used to determine the qualifying groups.

When you lose the first round it doesn't mean you have a poor design. It is simply a lot of Rock-Paper-Scissors in these duels. Check out the other designs in the save, ask some participant for training duels (you should have his e-mail address). I hope that you'll have new ideas after the first battles and you'll submit new designs for the qualifyings next month. You can also redesign your current fleet but you can't choose new techfields in this case. The most successful designs of the first evaluation will be presented here. It is a first "small deadline": After presentation there is a maximum of 2 further designs. There are further restrictions: For example I won't accept copies of the successful designs. (But counterdesigns are ok.)

The first duels:

Dmitry defeats YQ1 2-0 10:0
dottore1 defeats Maclin4711 2-0 20:0
dottore2 defeats YQ2 2-0 30:0
Bake88 defeats jbbigkat 2-0 9:0
ALEXD1 defeats Larsman1 1-1 8:4
DJ defeats Seb791 2-0 20:0
Larsman2 defeats Brent 2-0 18:0
ALEXD2 defeats Seb792 2-0 20:0
Cabman1 defeats Jano1 2-0 20:0
Cabman2 defeats Futurist1 2-0 16:0
Cabman3 defeats Nuke 1.5-0.5 12:4
Futurist2 defeats Jano2 1-1 10:6
Feuerzahn1 defeats Brutalisk1 2-0 16:0
Nalla1 defeats Feuerzahn2 2-0 12:0
Nalla2 defeats Feuerzahn3 1.5-0.5 14:4
SkyBandit defeats Feuerzahn4 1.5-0.5 14:5
Brutalisk2 defeats dottore3 2-0 20:0
Gusset1 defeats bachman 2-0 16:0
Jaded defeats Brutalisk3 2-0 20:0
Gusset2 defeats dottore4 2-0 18:0
ALEXD3 defeats Quietscheente1 2-0 20:0
Larsman3 defeats Seb793 1.5-0.5 20:5
SpaceWolf1 defeats Quietscheente2 2-0 20:0
Larsman4 defeats ALEXD4 2-0 20:0


Anonymous said...

I cannot contact my oponent, cause his mailbox is full.
Cabman, clean your mailbox or mail me

Anonymous said...

Cabman, your spam filter still blocks my e-mail... :(.
Contact me via ICQ 169556854.

ALEX|D said...

ALEX|D1 defeats Larsman1
1:1 (8:4 commando points)

1st Fight: Lars won and survived with 1 BB.

2nd Fight: Alex won and survived with his own BB and captured one of Lars BB´s.

Anonymous said...

how do you enter the cheat codes

siron said...

From Galactic Map:

ALT + EINSTEIN All research technology
ALT + MOOLA Add 1000BCs to your treasury
ALT + MENLO Current research completes next turn
ALT + ISEEALL Toggle omni race pick on / off
ALT + SCORE Show your current score

From the Colony Screen:

ALT + CRUNCH Finish current production item immediately.
ALT + TOGGLE All building will be available on the Construction Orders screen. Even those not researched.
Crunch and menlo were used for the save files. And I used a map editor for the home systems.

Kyla said...

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