When I started this blog in 2004 I didn't care much about traffic. Helping the new players (the kali guide) was my motivation. (LordBrazen started his blog a year later and 4381 left kali and didn't update his kali help.)
I was surprised when LordBrazen told me that he has now more than 70 unique visitors per day. So I was also interested to analyze my traffic a bit. I registered for ClustrMaps last wednesday and included the thumbnail this weekend. When you enlarge it and chose the Map with smaller clusters it looks quite interesting. Then you will also see that the big red spot over germany is not just ALEX|D and me. In fact, almost completely western germany is covered with red spots. Well, ALEX|D has a superb google ranking and this helps me a lot. Thanks. I have also a nice success with search.msn.com and all together I have roundabout 50 unique visitors per day. (Didn't know how this ranking could happen and I swear that I will never criticize MS again.) But my google rankings are pretty bad. Nevertheless most search engine hits are still from google: When moo-users search for technical help (comm failure etc.) they hit often my kali guide. It seems there is still a lot of LAN besides kali.

Update: The last 2 months of 2005 produced following clustrmap:

ClustrMaps Oct-Dec 2005

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siron said...

I disabled haloscan since they delete old comments. Some old comments:

It's nice to see the places people play moo 2 at.
I'm one of the lights in US Seattle, WA area.
Lets others know where your light comes from =)
StepNRazor | 11.09.05 - 3:52 pm | #

Agree! Keep up the good work!


Potemkyn | 11.20.05 - 1:12 am | #