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I think it useful to analyze the process of duels. There is simply no better way for new players to learn the timing of our online games. I start with PKs saves of (unmodded) ladders - see also the ladder game report for details. Each file contains the "turn0"-save. This means you can even completely replay the duels and you are able to compare your performance. (Load network game and start with 1 player or play them in hotseat mode.) I will add more saves later on.

2005-06-23T19:04:28 - Dmitry defeats PK Saves
2005-06-22T19:24:50 - PK defeats seppel Saves
2005-06-01T18:43:00 - PK defeats seb79 Saves
2005-05-14T22:14:30 - PK defeats seppel Saves
2005-02-27T18:36:09 - PK defeats BaLaur Saves
2005-02-23T07:38:57 - PK defeats Cabman Saves
2005-02-22T06:32:25 - PK defeats Cabman Saves
2005-02-13T18:53:27 - alex_d defeats PK Saves

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ALEX|D said...

tooo bad I dont keep saves ... too lazy :-/