Moo2 online

TEN was discontinued in 1999 and MOO2 players used Kali afterwards - a software to emulate Network Games. Kali does still exist but is no longer supported by Jay Cotton. Since new hardware and new operating systems caused more and more trouble to play MOO2 via Kali, virtually all MOO2 online players use DOSBox (freeware) now. Therefore I don't recommend to purchase a Kali serial any longer.

I strongly recommend to read this:
DOSBox Guide

The new meeting point for MOO2 online is the IRC channel irc.quakenet.org#moo2 (Firefox+chatzilla users or Opera users should be able to use this IRC link. IE users should try the JavaClient at the top of the sidebar.)

If you have trouble to setup DOSBox (and no player in the IRC channel is able to help) you can mail me at

Earlier versions of this page contained a Kali Guide. Since it confused new players I decided to take it down. You can simply request that Kali Guide at the above mentioned mail address.