Hypercam, DosBox and the new way of "How to..."

How to make movies of Moo2:
At first I want to say something about the story and how it is finally possible to take screenshots from the Dos-Version of Master of Orion II. Well when I found out that it is still possible to play moo2 online via Kali, I was surprised. I was surprised how different playing against humans is. There were much things I had to learn, and also several things I had to forget. The first months in Multiplayer Moo were hard, and today it is still hard for me. There is so much I still have to learn. But this is whats the fun of moo2 in my opinion, the first time you win, the progress with every game and of course the wonderful moo2 kali-community. One day I had an idea, I remembered hypercam which was normally used to convert "3D Movie Maker films" by me. I thought it would be an amazing help for new players to learn the new things via "Moo2 Movies". So I talked with Siron about it, he was very pleased of my idea. The problem was, that in the beginning it was only possible to capture moo95.exe ( The windows version of moo) and furthermore the colors were wrong. Siron had the idea to use DosBox, a Dos Emulator. After I read several DosBox guides I finally managed it, so that it is now possible to capture the Dos-Version of moo2. Unfortunately it is not possible to run the patched 1.40 or 1.31 versions. Dunno why...
The longer the speech, the less thought. Here is the how to:

  • Download Hypercam
  • Download DosBox (choose the location closest to you)
  • Install both
  • Run DosBox
  • Type "mount c c:/your moo2 directory" without "" ;) with "c" and "c:" replace the drive letter where moo2 is installed at your system, this will emulate a hard drive with the moo2 folder in it. Nothing will be damaged
  • Type "c:"
  • Type "orion2"
  • Moo should start, don't wonder if it's slow, remember it's an emulation.
  • Run Hypercam
  • Click at "Select Window"
  • Click at the DosBox Window
  • Click at "Start Rec."
  • The rest is up to you
I hope this helped you! Any Questions? Post here or contact me: kevituz@web.de / ICQ#: 168210250

AlexD made a movie using this technique I wanted to comment on, for those who can't follow all the steps so far.
At first, we'll take a look at his race:
As you can see (i hope so ;) ) AlexD picked a UniTol race (Unification, Tolerant, Repulsive,Large HW,Industrial Production +1, Ship Defense -20, Ground Combat -10), a Production Race which means that it's recommenced to get much Population as fast as possible. So let us go on to see what is done to do so...

The first step is to transfer all of your scientists to work to have the colony bases built fast enough. Be sure to leave the farmers where they are!

Prepare the Production Queue as followed:
Colony Base
Freighter Fleet
Colony Base
Colony Base
Freighter Fleet
(Colony Base, if possible)
Colony Ship
It's also possible to build the freighter at first!
Meanwhile it is important to discover the environment to be able to colonize the best system. Start scouting at the first turn. If you discovered all systems in reach use the 'Planet' button to colonize the best planet.

Researching Research Labs is absolutely necessary! Else you will be outteched immediately. When you finished ReLabs, pick Reinforced Hull and then Automated Factories! This will give you an important industrial advantage. Without AutoFacs it would be senseless to play.

To get a small financial support it is useful to destroy the marine barracks. As long as you are not playing in a small galaxy their not needed so early anyway.

'Oh no, the hydra destroyed my scout! It'd be stupid to go on playing' - STOP. This is not right, don't worry losing a scout, be happy having a high quality-system in reach. Remember monsterkilling is quite easy. But it's better to comment on monsterkilling another time.

As its said before: If you are able to buy 1 production point with 2BC, do it! Especially the first turns are the best to take some small production-advantages.

When you colonized a new planet transfer the farmer to work and build housing! (If you got no AutoFacs)

Having native-planets in reach is very good luck (though they were defended by monsters). This food bonus makes them very attractive to colonize, so if you got the possibility to colonize them do it!

Shuffle every produced pop in your homeworld to the mainplanet to have the most possible production.

Finally if you got all colony bases, shuffle all workers on science leaving one at work to do housing.

I think if you go on watching, you will wonder why Alex shuffled some pop to the new planet. Well he did that to be able to build all colonybases at the new planet faster. And thus is needing production. So he transferred some pop there and shuffled the restworkers to science.

What was new to me:
As a relativ new player there were some steps new to me, for example that it is usual to crush the marine barracks or even the star base. I also did not know that it is possible to see the saved production by clicking on "buy", I buy a lot but I did not noticed it ;). Then I did not know the best production queue. And it seems better to build a freighter fleet after the first colobase.
Hmm I think thats it.

Have Fun,

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siron said...

I disabled haloscan since they delete old comments. Some old comments:

That is so awesome! I'd love to see UniAquaCreative defend early or the proper use of terraforming... I wonder if we couldn't talk some of the old timers (PK?) into coming out of retirement to make a movie.
HooverDamned | 01.19.06 - 2:00 pm | #

Yea the movie thing is just damn genial. So we r able to exchange our strategies/tactics/micromanagment and we give good support to new players ... ! I hope we´ll see more movies, in future !
ALEX|D | Homepage | 01.19.06 - 4:47 pm | #