How to play -=UniTol=- !?

How to play UniTol !?
-Tutorial Movie-

I made an UniTol Tutorial Movie, with the following commando line :
/nobh /nosplint /planets=4 /minstart /nowh /noreport
in a "large avrg orgarich norandom noants" galaxy.

U can download the movie in 2 parts + turn0 and turn39 save (1-3), or just all in one (4).

TURN 0 :
In turn 0 I checked my planets in HW, then I scrapped the starbase to receive 200BC and to save 2BC maintenance each turn. Scrapping Starbase isn't always a good idea, but I won´t tell about in this guide.
Then I put all my 5 workers on prod to get ((5 x 4)+50% government bonus) = 30pp each turn.
Now I checked how much stars I could fly to, I decided to fly with 1scout & 1cship to the orange star in 2 turns and with the other to the red star.
Production order:
Cbase -> Freighter fleet -> Cbase -> Cbase -> Freighter -> Cship.

TURN 1 :
Now I had choosen research labs on my tech field. I scrapped my marine barracks to save 1 maintenance each turn and to get 30BC.

TURN 2 - 4 :
My Scout was shot down by a monster, so my cship retreated back to HW system. My other scout was on his way to a white star. Further I bought colonybase on t4, 80pp for 160BC.

TURN 5 :
I put my colobase on the best planet selectable in my HW. On that new colobase I put the worker to prod and choose housing to increase my popgrowth.

TURN 6 - 7 :
I found a good system with 1 rich and 1 huge urich/HG. I settled the huge urich/HG, cos he makes same prod as the rich one, but the planet had a greater size, which increases a bit the basicpopgrowth. On that new planet I choose housing again, to let the pop grow.

TURN 8 - 13 :
I build another cbase, and made housing with 1 pop on it. On t13 I got 1 new pop on my huge urich/HG, which I put to prod too, to increase groth more. Further I got, in my HW, on a cbase 1 new pop too, which I put to my homeplanet to increase production there.

TURN 14 - 20 :
I build another cbase, and made housing with 1 pop on it. After all cbases were build I build another freighter and put my pop to research on homeplanet. Further I send 1 pop to that urich/HG planet to get there fast a cbase too.

TURN 21 - 26 :
I build a cbase on my urich/HG to settle the rich ng. I researched further to rlabs.

TURN 27 :
After I got rlabs, I took reinforced hull as next tech. I build rlabs on my homeplanet and on that rich ng.

TURN 28 - 31 :
I build some further rlabs on my cbases, as u can see in the movie.

Rlabs have 60pp, try to save 30pp to a planet, the last 30pp can be bought for 60BC. While u buy PP on a planet let ur pop there to save the next 30pp for auto factories.

TURN 32 :
I got rhull and next tech was automated factory.

TURN 33 - 34 :
I saved some prod for auto factories.

TURN 35 :
I got breakthrough in autofacs tech. I was able to build/buy autofacs on most of my planets in 1 turn, cos I saved prod on planets.

TURN 36 - 39 :
I build the last autofacs, and techd further to bios. On that urich/HG I build a cship further. After bios the next tech is soil enrichment.

I really dont know if this is the best way to play, there r many ways to build an empire. Instead of researching rhull u could choose fighters to conquer the system, which was protected by a hydra. But I think, this tutorial will help new players, who played a lot LAN or singleplayer, to be able to compete faster with the vets on KALI.

I used a lot shortcuts, but I think its understandable for someone who know MoO2.

If u found another or better way to play or if u have ideas or if u have suggestions, I would be glad about any feedback.
Please post ur feedback on LBs Forum, I made already a thread UniTol_tutorial_movie

Thanks for reading !



siron said...

I disabled haloscan since they delete old comments. Some old comments:

Very nice tutorial, Alex.

A few notes about further "tricks". Take out the laser of your scouts the first both turns and the scouts would survive the hydra.

Even after you lost both scouts you don't rebuild them. This might be acceptable in a 1v1 (against most opponents) but in a 4way it is very risky because of blitz attacks. Further you would early know if there are planets near the monsters which are attractive to settle early on.

And I think fighter bays are really a decent choice here. Gaia Natives means that you don't need soil. You have the option for supercomp directly or early attack (especially 4way).
siron | 01.24.06 - 4:58 am | #

hey Alex...thx for showing us your style of playin moo...nice idea!
Larsman | 01.24.06 - 7:37 am | #

About refitting the scouts... you loose 2 turns of scouting then...very precious turns . I take a chance and send them unrefitted. However when lost you waste 30 pp for another scout ... Tough decision
Cabman | 01.24.06 - 12:36 pm | #

Gravatar Cabman, right?!

Yes, there is a tradeoff and I don't use refit thingie often with uni tol. I know that Cybersaber did it all the time, therefore I mention it here. The more stars to scout the better refitting seems. The less prod u have on hw the better it seems. (I refit always with uni sub crea.)

But I doubt that the early turns are that precious. Secondly, I sometimes refit just 1 scout and you lose no turn at all when the scouts need a different amount of turns for their route.

Further: After you landed your cship there is no hurry for scouting. You can also refit then.
siron | 01.24.06 - 4:57 pm | #


ALEX|D | Homepage | 01.24.06 - 7:34 pm | #

Yep, it was me... i thought i didn't have to sign my name... I believe these turn are very precious. The sooner you land your cship the the better. But I agree with rest. Cab.
Cabman | 01.25.06 - 3:48 am | #

Gravatar I still doubt you can present any save here where you lost because you settled the cship 1 turn later.
OTOH I remember games where a player lost because he had no scouts at the border and was surprised by a blitz then. But when you have players who prefer restarts instead of the blitz option to compensate poor starts........scouts are not that important early on.
siron | 01.25.06 - 5:06 am | #

He he... what a discussion ...If I lost a scout to a monster i immediatly replace it by another.And when i see 5 or more planets in range i build additional scout (no laser on board :D ) I gain 3 - 5 turns then...
Cabman | 01.25.06 - 6:25 am | #

Gravatar Hehe. You are not that stingy like many others. When I see that an opponent doesn?t observe his border carefully...well....feudal is always an option.

Dunno if I should mention it here. In nowh games there is also the option to scout with your cship then. Because I never saw that 2 monster planets were neighbors. But....if it does not work for you.....and some veteran will call you a moron when you ask for a restart because of this.....I HAVE NOT RECOMMENDED THIS TRICK.
siron | 02.04.06 - 8:16 am | #

Anonymous said...

this is very helpful, thanks alot

Rocco said...

Here's a working link to the video (YouTube):